Friday, August 6, 2010

Lost in the past

I hear so many speak of the past...
Past glories, past accomplishments past mistakes and past hurts…
But maybe it is time to forget the past and look to the future…

Look around folks… More and more leave Gor…
Maybe it is time to shut up and fix it!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Freeing of Slaves

I would like to thank Albus Niall for My newest rant...
I hear so many times that a girl was Freed because she failed as a slave (including Myself) and I am very confused by this. Did the Master not fail as well?
I hear; You do not want that slave, she doesn't listen or behave, or... do not choose her, she tops from the bottom…
Oi, are You serious? Why didn’t she listen? Was it not explained to her what would happen if she didn’t? Was there a punishment? Before You even collared the slave did You know what would work as a punishment and establish her guidelines?

Any ever stop to think why so many slaves are so damn un-ruley? Actually I do not even have that answer and I once was one of the most unruliest of slaves that turned radical FW…. Go figure… Now what say You… and no worries, My feelings and ego is not easily bruised these days so please… tell it how You see it.
Until We meet again,
I wish You well

btw... slaves... on This subject I do not mind hearing from you as long as you have your Owners permission to do so.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next Subject

I was asked a few times today why I had not ranted...
And to be honest I couldnt think of anything as I am still trying to find My way on a few things right now, so.. being I always have an opinion, does anyone have a topic they want to touch on and hear what I have to say on the subject?
Until then,
I wish You well

Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Room One Gor

Ok so I hear MANY FW are against this room? Some say is it because a few select FM have a list with FW on it that they want in the collar. Ok well I am almost positive I would have been on that list as radical as I am and being the troublemaker I have been called, but guess what ya’all? Why I went in that room with Vexin, and we role-played are arses off and no one collared me! Vexin was not collared either and hell she has been called almost as big a troublemaker as me! Here is why we were not collared… We as FW knew our places and acted accordingly. We didn’t run our mouths, we didn’t sass the Men present, and oh My yes there were indeed Free Men present who indeed would have had the balls to slap our necks in iron should we have stepped out of line!

I think this room is indeed actually a good idea, I think though so is the two room idea as well, One for North, One for South… But, I think first we should start in the One Room, BUT, not for 30 days, just 2 weeks. Now before You go getting Your panties in a bunch listen or in this case, read My reasoning why.

Many people like Me is NOT from Old MSN Gor, and while I have been in the Gor lifestyle off and on since 1996, it was first through AOL Gor, (dice rolling style of fighting) yahoo Gor, with a few other places in between before I found Buzzen, so I do not know all of You on either Buzzen or GCN and will admit I can be a bit leery going into a roomful of people I do not know. One Room, One Gor for 2 weeks would remedy that situation as well as weed out a few who most likely shouldn't be there. I.e.; duelers ect. And then after that 2 weeks, open 2 more rooms one being for the North and one being for the South and run all three with No Zones for 30 days before anyone tries branching out on their own into a individual Home again. 8 million homes with just 2 people in them are retarded, or a Home filled with 8 people, but all are of that Home, no visitors to serve, nothing but chores to do and serving the same Free over and over to the point where people get bored with the role-play and end up leaving…

The time for change again is here… or Gor will just go away because of lack of people.
They are bored and want change… stop being sticks in the mud, Gor was not about safety or fairy tale lives, it was Gor, harsh and some times very cruel, but wow it was never boring! So what if some FM collars You because You could not keep a civil tongue in Your mouth, as a slave, you will lean, and as a Gorean You would honor that collaring as is only right, if it isn’t right, well then the Men from Your group of peoples better fight for you, or else be a Woman with big enough chesticles to honor what most likely Your mouth got you into and accept the collar You could have avoided by acting right. FW are Free, only because Men allow them to be.

Now, shall We role-play?

Friday, July 23, 2010

My thoughts on Buzzen Gor's drama ( and previous comments)

Well, as usual there is more drama in Gor then need be... and I dont get it...
First and foremost, I do not get or understand why a Man argues with a Woman in any way... or why a Woman bothers arguing back with a Man... Is so childish to Me...
Now.. there is a BIG war on Buzzen Gor... One side says... When a woman is collared her past in cancelled, and yes WHILE she is collared this IS true..
The Other side says When Freed a FW may resume where She left off..
But what happens when and IF She is Freed? Anyone ever read Book 4 of Gor?

Dina of Turia was when we first met her, a slave, a very famous one actually, one who had been a beloved daughter to a Baker and a member of the caste of Bakers who fell slave and her family gone... Then she met Tarl who was kind of fond of her and ended up Freeing her... Now anyone knows what She did next?

Why she returned to Turia and reclaimed Her Heritage, Her Father's Bakery and her caste...
Now did She re-open Her Father's Bakery? Nay, Why? Lack of funds... And The Man who killed Her Father for refusng to sell His place to Him would re-enslave Her for doing so... as He wanted the Bakery for Himself
But she did take back Her name... and She did work in the field of her caste as a Buyer for FW of higher castes in the Bakery markets buying pastries and other delectables since they would not trust a female slave to do so.. Interesting...

I would like to remind many people... a collar removes all a womans rights and again while collared her past as she is while collared, less then in many cases an animal, but the collar does NOT remove past learnings or memories... If once trained as Tuchuck Sooth Sayer one still retains them trainings in her memories, the collar does not make her forget how to fortell the future, just the right to do so... and IF Freed... She can be Free to do so once again...

We are women... not idiots... collars enslave us... not make us mindless dummies...
Lets get it right people...
I wish You well and the joys of actually reading the books...
Pamela Rene'
Interesting. Dina was not the only slave who retained name and caste when Freed. I think this is an issue that needs to rectified. So many slaves have retained their names, heritage and castes upon being Freed. That needs to be taken into consideration.. But arguing about it doesn't help the situation.-LàđŷĶąţţ¤ĨŁΜ¤Ẫħĭģã¤ČőF

This is something I never really thought about, but your memories dont die just wearing or not wearing a collar. There is something more for Goreans to argue about and debate. Although it is interesting on this issue didnt the man who was collared by the Panter girls got freed from Tarl Cabot and resummed His position? The lines might be getting crossed with death, retirement with whole thing. -This is something I never really thought about, but your memories dont die just wearing or not wearing a collar. There is something more for Goreans to argue about and debate. Although it is interesting on this issue didnt the man who was collared by the Panter girls got freed from Tarl Cabot and resummed His position? The lines might be getting crossed with death, retirement with whole thing. -Vexin Kraft
In the context of Gor, arguing serves no purpose. Being here for over ten years, I have ALWAYS said that unless you die, women should be able to resume their lives once Freed. Since most women choose not to continue the lives that they once had, I don't see what the big deal is. If people read the books, they will realize that no woman of Gor, Free or slave, was without trade skills. TormFM
Tarl Himself was enslaved and freed or escaped several times across the course of the Books, and as mentioned, several women were freed who returned to their old Homes, took their old name back etc.. But if they come knocking on My door and try to tell Me how to run My Camp.. I will swiftly relieve them of their scalps and take a look to see if the brain is missing, or simply not being used. -Sumanitu Taka
When a FW is collared be it time collared or contractural collar or force collared, she loses that name and her caste while she is in that collar, when freed either with manumission papers or without if the Free gives her a name that she had when she was Free and gives her her caste back, it is withing his walls rules then no one outside of those walls can tell Him what to do as that slave/FW was His, and people should butt the fuck out and let it be. the only time a FW doesnt gether name back is if she is killed as a slave.
I wrote this comment. I am Lucian Hold Jarl of RHH and I stand by this decision.
I would not normally comment on gor issues since i have left gor, but I was asked to take a peek and give my thoughts.

before i give my thoughts on the subject i would like to say that i made many great friends in gor and i hope to continue to have contact with them. I think that we all were drawn to read the books because we found in them this harsh and romantic world. Myself i loved the way the slaves of the south were so gracefull and i wanted to be like that more than anything. The gor today is not the Gor i entered 8 years ago and i hope some how in atleast one home it can be restored.

I dont recall anywhere in the books where it says a female has to start over with each collar or with change of owner or when given her freedom. Not all may agree with Pamelas view on things but hate to tell everyone she is dead on this one......READ THE BOOKS

Females that think it is alright to argue with a male in open roleplay room are wrong. As Norman said "Gor is a Males World". If the females dont like it, well.....find a sweet lil D/s room. It is the responsibility of all who enter gor to have read the books and know how and what to do, but it is also the responsibility of the Males to keep things on track.

I wish you all well -Shawna


Now... Do any who can now read and post have anything to say here?